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NEW YORK, NY – A study conducted by Michael Luca, a professor of Harvard Business School, established a correlation between high rankings in consumer review websites and a businesses’ revenues. Dr. Luca took a close look at the restaurant industry of the city of Seattle and came to the conclusion that a single star attached to a profile of a leading online reviewing platform lead to an incredible 5% to 9% increase in revenues. He further found that there were considerably more restaurant reviews available online than could be found in traditional sources like Zagat or The Seattle Times.

What started out approximately ten years ago as a movement of foodies giving restaurant recommendations online has developed into a common practice across a wide variety of industries: from burger joints to hairdressers, from accountants to dentists – users consult the Internet before purchasing products or using new services. For businesses this trend is likewise a blessing and a curse: While good reviews can boost a reputation and generate widespread advertising virtually free of charge, negative posts can be equally harmful. No matter whether one disgruntled customers feels the need to vent or a sneaky competitor tries to steal away business by posting an unfavorable comment – damage can be done quickly and given the sharp rise in review platforms, companies are having a hard time to keep a handle on their online reputations.

Being eight years older than even the oldest reviewing platform, Help-My-Reviews.com has developed a foolproof strategy that guarantees only 4 and 5 star reviews for its clients, no matter which industry they are coming from. Statistically, out of 100 customers, 95 are happy and only 5 are not. However, out of those 95 satisfied customers only one will write a flattering review, while two out of every 5 dissatisfied customers will go online, resulting in two negative reviews. The main page of Help-My-Reviews.com’s newly redesigned website is now hosting a short video that demonstrates how review reputation management can completely shift your business’ online ranking, placement, and ultimately revenue.

Founded in 1996, Help-My-Reviews.com has two locations, in Washington, D.C. and in New York City, where IT and marketing experts serve clients across the U.S. from a wide variety of industries. The company frequently sponsors major marketing shows and conferences including, Affiliate Summit, Leadscon, and SES, and will be represented again at this year’s ad:tech in New York City, the leading digital marketing event for marketing and technology professionals from all over the world.

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