Case Studies

“I always thought that a 3-star rating for a review is not bad, but then I clicked on the Details button next to the Star rating for my business and saw that half of my 51 reviews were given a 1-star. I Googled for solution and found these guys. They do all the work, I just need to send them emails of my clients on daily basis. Three months went by and I am now in the 4-star group featured among the top local furniture stores.” – Emily H.

“One of my patients told me I have negative reviews online. It was especially sad to see that only 5 reviews (out of the average daily of 15 patients I see) could so easily ruin my reputation. This company doubled my rating in just two months.” – Keith W., DDS

“I try to stay current with the times and understand that everything is all about computers now. My daughter told me that my salon doesn’t get very good reviews online. She helped me find a way to fix this by contacting these folks. After a few months we have 4 and a half stars. I know our service is excellent, but now our rating reflects that as well.” – Amanda K., Spa Owner

“We had a good number of reviews but none of them seemed to be a 5-star rating and almost half were a 1-star. This hurt our business a lot. A business partner told me to contact ReviewsReputation and in a couple of months, we jumped from two and a half stars to four. Very thankful.” – Matt K., Business Owner

“Our reviews online and rating were terrible. Just two people reviewed our services and we look like a place to avoid. These guys helped us get 11 more reviews in just 3 months and we are at four something stars right now. Thanks!” – Dillan G., Shop Owner

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